Lake San Valentino alla Muta: hikes and much more

Small village on the lake

San Valentino is located directly on one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the Alps. An approximately 5 km circular path leads through a biotope along the shore, the perfect place to take a deep breath and enjoy all the senses. It is said that the Romans also settled here. Today San Valentino alla Muta is just one of the many places to visit in the hiking paradise of Val Venosta.

Villages, lakes and peaks
A journey to discover the west of South Tyrol
Cultural treasures in amid of nature
Upper Venosta Valley

A visit to the Abbey of Monte Maria, the highest Benedictine abbey in Europe, or to the armoury of Castel Coira: Val Venosta offers numerous opportunities for cultural excursions. Without forgetting the medieval city of Glorenza with its completely preserved city walls.

Lively comings and goings and mystical places
Malles and surroundings

Weekly markets, farmers' markets and annual markets: there is plenty to do in Malles all year round, but there are also numerous attractions in the surrounding area. For example, explore Ganglegg and Tarces Hill with its archaeological excavation site or stroll through the mountaineering village of Malles.

An artificial lake rich in history
Resia Pass

Amid the Val Venosta mountains is the quintessential postcard scene: Lake Resia with its iconic bell tower rising from the water. Don't miss this spectacle on South Tyrol's largest basin.